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07.2015 : check out "the swiss and the swede" homepage

08.2013 : 6am is back under different names. The main new project is called The swiss, the swede and the senegalese.

03.2012 : An old great video has been found ! 6am covering christmas songs ! click here
By the way, I think we can officially declare that the band is over. The main project was to play acoustic songs and mostly without a "rock band". But we had fun! 6am should be back for acoustic gigs in the next years.

02.2012 : The album "5 years later" is out and it's free ! Anyway, who would pay ? Acoustic, demo (rehearsal) and live recordings feature on the album. 100% underground quality! You could download it clicking here

01.2012 : Finally we found some old stuff. The album compilation process is on the way. 12 songs should be ready soon. While you shall see the Bernardoz myspace.

05.2011 : 35 weeks later, and nothing !! Still waiting for the good day.

11.2010 : The band is on a "break" for a long time. Some people are building a house, some are playing music with other bands, some moved to Brazil and some are currently working on a 6am songs solo acoustic recording. No ideas how long it will take and how many songs would be on it. Maybe, you will be able to hear it in 35 weeks. Or never ?

09.2010 : Please don't download our last gig at the Lunch Crunch Punch Festival. It's the last time we have played together. I think we were drunk but most of our songs are there... thanx to Yvan Pinard for the recording !

11.2008 : Visit our myspace clicking here












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